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Improved well-being and easy washing with new Wet Wash Glove from Abena

04.11.2016 Abena has developed a new wet wash glove optimized for full body wash.

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Abena believes in Social Responsibility

03.11.2016 Did you know... that Abena has recently been certified with the most prestigious international standard for social responsibility, the SA8000?

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Abri-Form Junior contest in Holland

21.10.2016 Recently, our subsidiary in Holland, ABENA Healthcare bv The Nederlands, arranged a competition with two really exciting prizes for two lucky kids.

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Adult Autism and Faecal Smearing

06.10.2016 Within the UK there are estimated to be more than 700,000 people living with autism; this equates to around 1.1% of the population. [1]

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