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Why Use Disposable Protective Wear

13.11.2017 Traditionally, hospitals, surgeries and clinics use washable protective wear for their staff, patients and visitors. At Abena though, we believe in the value of disposable products. There are many benefits to using disposable clothing over washable products from cost savings to increased levels of hygiene.

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Abena helps Roskilde Festival go greener!

11.09.2017 With its 135,000 visitors a year, and almost 200 music acts over eight days, the Danish Roskilde Festival is the largest music festival in Northern Europe. It may also be one of the “greenest”.

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World's first eco labeled burger paper!

01.09.2017 Abena introduces world’s first Ecolabel burger wrapping paper!

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New products help improve incontinence skin care

01.09.2017 Our two new incontinence care products, Incontinence Wet Wash Gloves with 3% Dimethicone, and Abena Zinc Oxide Spray-on are aimed to make life much more comfortable for incontinence patients who suffer IAD.

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