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New products help improve incontinence skin care

01.09.2017 Our two new incontinence care products, Incontinence Wet Wash Gloves with 3% Dimethicone, and Abena Zinc Oxide Spray-on are aimed to make life much more comfortable for incontinence patients who suffer IAD.

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Abena nominated for Danish DI Award!

29.08.2017 Abena has been nominated for the Danish DI award 2017 for the intelligent incontinence product, Abena Nova with MediSens.

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Danish Disruption Council looks at Abena for Inspiration

20.06.2017 Yesterday, the newly established Disruption Council - “a Partnership for Denmark’s future”- visited Abena for inspiration prior to the Council’s second meeting in the city of Kolding.

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Give your food a twist

01.05.2017 TowerPac from Abena is an innovation in plastic containers for anyone needing to store or transport food.

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