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Abena believes in Social Responsibility

03 November 2016

Did you know... that Abena has recently been certified with the most prestigious international standard for social responsibility, the SA8000?

The SA8000 standard is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Declaration of Human Rights and a range of resolutions from the International Labour Organisation.
The SA8000 draws up 8 criteria that organizations must comply with. They must for instance; refrain from using child labor, offer security in the workplace and prevent any types of discrimination etc.
The standard is managed by the independent international organization, Social Accountability International, placed in New York. The standard was introduced back in 1997, and today approximately 3,500 SA8000-certified organizations exist, divided between 69 countries.
As of October 2015 only 3 companies in Denmark have been certified with the SA8000 – and one of these is Abena.

"We are very proud to have received the SA8000 standard. This certification is the customer’s
guarantee that Abena’s products are manufactured in a responsible manner."
CEO of the Abena Group, Preben Terp-Nielsen.