Our 2030 Commitments

One world, one mission

Cleaning, repairing, and reselling jute sacks for the agriculture industry was the original purpose of our company at our foundation in 1953. To this day, our dedication to reusing materials and reducing waste while fulfilling our customers’ every need remain the same.

Our commitment to care

Next stop: 2030

Everyday, we are getting closer to 2030 and our deadline for meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our own climate targets.

See how we progress to reach our 2030 targets.

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Affordable and clean energy

The majority of our CO₂ emissions originates from energy use. Towards 2030, we want to minimize our use of energy, reduce our CO₂ emissions, and change to renewable energy sources across our production and office facilities.


Decent work and economic growth

We source the world and have the potential to affect thousands of jobs. Towards 2030, we want to increase our workforce while securing safe and equal working conditions for our own employees and our suppliers' employees.

SDG 12

Responsible consumption and production

Disposables are our core business, and they are not currently geared for a circular, sustainable future. Approaching 2030, we want to minimize our environmental impact and limit waste through a circular economy approach.

SDG 15

Life on land

We have a responsibility to choose wisely when it comes to selecting raw materials. That is why we towards 2030 aim to preserve the variety of life on Earth and prevent the loss of extinction due to human activities.

Towards 2030

Climate targets

  • 70% CO2 reduction
  • 70% bio-based products
  • 70% ecolabeled products
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