Life at ABENA

Our employees describe ABENA as an exciting and challenging place to work. You have the freedom and opportunity to make a difference, and you will always be respected and valued – no matter where you are in the organization.

We want our employees to be and feel heard. To this end, we use our dialogue tool AHEAD to make sure the entire organization works with staff development interviews and employee satisfaction in a structured manner.



AHEAD is our dialogue tool that ensures a structured and ongoing dialogue between managers and employees.

Ongoing dialogue between manager and employee is important for the individual's well-being and ability to perform. Our AHEAD concept is based on four scheduled dialogues during the year. These conversations focus on targets, tasks, motivation, satisfaction, and commitment, as well as cooperation and relations. In our experience, job satisfaction and motivation increase significantly, when our employees receive ongoing feedback throughout the year.

We strongly believe that when people feel well, they perform well - and vice versa. This is exactly why we - via AHEAD - focus on the strengths of our organization.


Global employee survey

Voice of ABENA

A healthy organization and a good working environment require constant focus.

We always strive to make ABENA an even better place to work, and every other year we send out a questionnaire to learn, what is important to our colleagues.