Toilet hygiene – Abri-Bag

In addition to being aware of hygiene and cleaning procedures in healthcare environments, being on top of waste when it comes to bodily fluids is also essential.

One overlooked area of waste management and infection prevention includes the procedures surrounding toileting, especially when it comes to patients who cannot use the toilet on their own. This situation requires waste management procedures to ensure that waste is discarded in the correct and most hygienic way.

This minimizes the need for increased cleaning as well as undesirable spread of bacteria.

Urine and feces contain bacteria

Body fluids such as urine and feces may contain bacteria that can cause infections. These bacteria can spread directly via urine and feces or via the surroundings. This is particularly important to be aware of when it comes to infection prevention, since diseases such as Norovirus  can be transmitted via the feces.

When patients cannot use the toilet on their own, disposal of these fluids in a proper manner is essential in order to prevent cross-contamination and transmission of infectious diseases. A quick, safe and hygienic solution to this issue could be to use a product like the Abri-Bag.

Proper personal hygiene and hygiene in toileting is essential. 

Be specifically aware of the following  high-risk situations for transfer of bacteria in toileting:

  • When a patient passes urine or has bowel movement
  • Removing urine and or feces
  • Removing or changing different kinds of incontinence aids, including incontinence products
  • Draining urine through a catheter (Urine can form bacteria-transferring gas. This can be prevented with the use of Abri-Bag)


Abri-bag – The quick, easy and hygienic solution

Abri-Bag is a protective bag with an absorbent insert for the collection of urine and/or feces in a commode or bedpan. When using the Abri-Bag healthcare professionals and patients do not have to come in direct contact with feces or urine and are thereby not directly exposed to bacteria that can cause infections. This type of product helps healthcare professionals work effectively and in accordance with hygiene guidelines.

What is it?

Abri-Bag is a leak-resistant plastic bag with closure straps and a super absorbent pad for collecting urine or feces. The absorbent pad coverts liquid into gel and quickly absorbs up to 630 ml, locking in fluids and odor (based on Rothwell, ISO 11948-1, Theoretical absorption).

Why use Abri-Bag?

Products such as Abri- Bag reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as the patient and healthcare professional do not come into direct contact with urine and feces. This is particularly important when it comes to infection prevention, since diseases such as Norovirus can be transmitted via the feces for several weeks after the infection.

How to use? 

Abri-Bag is a hygienic and easy solution when using a commode or bedpan. It is not just a product for people with incontinence, it is also an aid a patient who is temporarily functionally incontinent and therefore unable to use the toilet on their own. Easy to use, since it can be discarded with regular waste in private homes.

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Practice proper hand hygiene especially after patient contact or use of the bathroom. Check out our guidelines for hand hygiene and find out how essential personal hygiene is in infection prevention.

Proper protocols for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surroundings and medical equipment must be employed in the healthcare sector. Read more about cleaning protocols in the healthcare sector.  Read about cleaning protocols.