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With our one-stop-shop solution, ABENA makes it easy to buy everything you need in one place. Discover a wide range of products and solutions in the areas of Gloves, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Foodservice, Tabletop, Hygiene, and Cleaning. 
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Protect Your Hands with the Right Glove

Our hands and fingers are vital in our daily work. In many work situations, they are highly exposed – and injuries to fingers and hands are sadly a frequent cause of sick leave.
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The latest regulations & trends

We provide all required documentation and certificates so you can focus on what's important for your business. We help you keep track of the latest developments and the regulations.
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We go that extra mile for our customers

With our highly skilled team of sourcing specialists and a wide and strong network, we build trusted partnerships with reliable suppliers across the globe.
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Choose a Supplier You Can Trust

We all know the importance of maintaining hygiene and safety in the workplace. Ensuring the highest hygiene level and meeting industry standards are our top priorities.

Dual certified

Experience with the strict demands of the medical industry. As a result many of our products carry dual certifications. 

Hygiene and safety

Our products meet safety and hygiene requirements for food handling, preventing contamination, and workplace injuries.

A responsible choice

At ABENA we continuously ask our sourcing partners abroad to make the sustainable choice. Because we care.  

Trust, Fairness, and Cooperation

ABENA's values pervade our way of working on a daily basis, and how we treat the outside world and each other.

Your responsible partner

Reach Your Goals

We have made it easy for you to overcome your daily challenges by assembling complete product solutions with responsible materials and sourcing in mind. ABENA strives to exceed your expectations with the right quality products, expert knowledge, and required documentation.
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Knowledge Center

Best practice for hand hygiene: washing and disinfection

Insufficient hand hygiene is one of the most common causes for spread of infectious diseases, while good hand hygiene is the most important factor in preventing spread of bacteria and infection.

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Hotel Housekeeping – Your Guide to Easy and Timesaving Cleaning and Housekeeping

Hotel management consists of many aspects, all of which must peak constantly in order to provide your guests with the best hotel experience. One aspect that is always important is cleaning and hygiene. Read on for tips on standardizing your cleaning and housekeeping.

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Your shortcut to eco-friendly cleaning

An eco-friendly cleaning solution protects you, your surroundings, and the environment from unnecessary exposure to toxic substances.

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Protection from head to toe

We care about keeping your business, your employees and your customers safe. Safe from contamination, shutdowns and – of course – all the accompanying problems. Prevent unhealthy influences by dressing your employees safely from head to toe in personal protective equipment.

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