Our Commitment to Care

Discover how we lead change

Changing the world starts within

Our impact affects every user, customer, or business partner we interact with. We want to make sure that our impact is responsible.

We drive our work from within. We encourage ideas, knowledge-sharing, and partnerships across our business operations because we believe that our progress will be most successful when we all play an active part.

“We make a change”

“We all can make a difference. I am proud to work at ABENA because we think beyond borders, overcome our barriers, and make a change!”

- Anne Voß, ABENA in Germany

We stand united

The work we do. The air we breathe. Everything we do is sustainability. We are all part of the transformative journey.

Towards 2030

Because we care, we have made it our vision to provide quality of life to users of our products - always with sustainability in mind.

We have set seven specific targets for sustainability that we work with.

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