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Sorting at the source

Industry, consumers, and legislators are increasingly demanding source separation and sustainability. Optimizing source separation has great environmental and economic advantages.

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Your shortcut to eco-friendly cleaning

An eco-friendly cleaning solution protects you, your surroundings, and the environment from unnecessary exposure to toxic substances.

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Waste management guide

Using the correct trash bags does not just save you money, it is also the environmentally responsible choice.

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Guide: 8 steps for cleaning the hotel room

Cleaning a hotel room can be done in many different ways, according to the guidelines of the hotel and the personal preferences of the housekeeper. To ensure consistency and uniformity in the way the rooms of the hotel are cleaned, it is a good idea to use a detailed step-by-step guide, which you can use as basis for training and instructing new employees.

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Guide: A Spotless Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean in order to maintain a good image for your establishment. A bathroom can be a source of many different kinds of bacteria, which makes it extremely important to follow proper procedures and clean in a standardized and professional way. Below, you will find 10 easy steps for how to get a spotless bathroom.

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Guide: Clean Floors in 5 Steps

In every hospitality establishment, there is a large footfall daily. This requires high standards for cleaning and maintenance of the floors in order to keep a clean, hygienic and welcoming look.

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