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We offer a wide range of products for all areas in the healthcare industry and beyond. ABENA is MDR compliant.


The safe and practical choice for every task

When you choose gloves from ABENA, we guarantee that all relevant standards have been met and that several tests have been carried out. ABENA's glove concept covers a wide range of medical gloves and protective gloves.

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Bed protection​

Relieve the workload of the staff   

Disposable and washable bed protection makes every-day work easier for patients, residents, and healthcare-staff around the world. Bed protection provides comfort for the user while relieving the workload of the staff.

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Get to know everything about MDR

MDR is for your safety. The rules have been strengthened and re-evaluated to protect the users of medical devices through increased transparency throughout the value chain.

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couch rolls

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination​

Couch rolls are used for the protection of e.g examination table. The couch rolls have an absorbent surface, as well as a liquid safe back sheet to prevent any liquid penetration. Can be used without dispenser. 
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Knowledge Center

Allergy: Facts about gloves and allergy

Repeated exposure to the same substance may cause allergy. This applies to gloves as well. Remember that skin irritations may be caused by several other factors than the use of gloves.

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How to choose the right incontinence product

New to incontinence and not sure how to choose from the wide variety of different available products? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right incontinence product, including gender, lifestyle and type of incontinence.

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Paper towels are more hygienic than dryers

In order to avoid cross-contamination, it is important to exercise good hand hygiene by washing and drying your hands to perfection. In public restrooms, it is common to use an electric hand dryer system. But studies show that hand dryers spread bacteria much more than traditional paper towels.

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20 years of eco-labelled incontinence products

ABENA’s incontinence products have been labelled with the coveted ecolabel for more than 20 years. Today, 80% of ABENA’s incontinence products are labeled with the Nordic Swan Eco-label as well as 100% of our raw materials for these products.

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At ABENA, you are not just buying a product but a personalized and customized solution of doctor clinic supplies, where knowledge, documentation, training and workshops are a part of the package.

We will train you

You will be fully trained in how to use our health-care solutions in the best way possible. We have highly specialized nurses and product experts to guide you and your team in finding the most optimum solution for you.
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Save time with full documentation

Our product solutions always live up to government standards. We provide full documentation which is time-saving to our customers, as we supply the in-depth information upfront. 
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