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In your restaurant, you need a partner who can provide everything you need. Whether you need solutions for your cleaning, your serving out of the house, or for beautiful table setting that sets the right mood, you will find it all in our range.

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Takeaway Solutions

Our takeaway solutions come in a variety of materials such as RPET, PP, PLA, bagasse, and cardboard. We also offer 100 % plastic-free solutions that are both leakproof and durable.

Take away solutions

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All our products and suppliers are carefully selected. We focus on the usage of our products, service, flexibility, and the suppliers' environmental and quality control program. We offer products specifically adapted to various industries - also hotels, restaurants, and catering.
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Here you can browse our global Food Service catalogue. If you have any questions, contact your local sales representative.

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Protect your hands with the right glove

We know hands and fingers are important tools for employees working in the food industry. They are highly exposed in many situations, and finding the right glove for each task is paramount. At ABENA, we are always ready to support you with the right solution for your needs and industry.

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EU directive for single-use plastic items

You have probably already heard about the EU directive for single-use plastic items. But what does that mean for you and your business? We help you get a little more clarity on the questions.

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Join the green wave with eco-friendly tableware

Sustainability is one of the hottest topics among HoReCa businesses right now. If you want to join the green wave, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from.

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With every certificate, we are obliged to follow strict regulations and requirements, which is your guarantee that the products are safe for both you and the environment.

Solutions for any strategy

We work hard to reduce our footprint on the environment so that you can do the same. You can choose products based on your strategy and vision.
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Succeed with sorting at the source

Consumers and legislators are increasingly demanding source separation and sustainability. There are great advantages in optimizing source separation, both environmental and financial.

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Say Yes to Eco-labelled Cleaning

Finding the right cleaning agent can be challenging. With our Puri-Line product range, you choose safe and effective detergents that ensure a healthy work environment. 

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Offer a healthy work environment

Did you know that 80% of employees with a skin disease have reduced strength in their hands. Being able to take good care of your hands is particularly important in order for them to be able to maintain a good working life and minimize the number of sick days.

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