Production in the Heart of Europe

ABENA Produktion A/S


Since 1980, our manufacturing of baby diapers and incontinence products is taking place at production facility in Aabenraa. Each year, more than 1 billion products are produced at 14 production lines. Among the ABENA products produced are Bambo Nature, ABENA Nova, and ABENA Light.

Our Danish production is certified according to 16 certificates.

Rul-let A/S


Rul-let is our production facility for food packaging products for private and professional kitchens. Here, we produce baking paper, sandwich paper, crisp paper, aluminum foil, and clingfilm on 9 production lines. Rul-let has more than 70 years of experience and works today as both a wholesaler and private label supplier, serving some of the largest retail chains in Scandinavia.

The production site is located in Aabenraa.



Since 1984, our production facility in Sweden has been producing healthcare products, including Abri-Bed protective sheets used for examination beds and tables, operating tables, and similar. In addition, we manufacture disposable bibs, as well as airlaid wipes and disposable tissue wipes for patient care, washing, and drying.

Each year, more than 1 billion wipes and approx. 182 million bibs are produced on 17 different production lines.

ABENA-Frantex S.A.


Our French production facility has produced absorbent underpads since 1984. Here, we produce Abri-Soft underpads used as bed protection against incontinence in nursing homes and hospitals and as an underlayer on examination tables and chairs, etc.

135 million products go out from our French production site each year, spanning across two production lines and distributed from 2 warehouses. 


Our responsible production

To minimize our environmental impact, we focus on energy use, waste management, and CO2 reduction. 

Minimizing our impact

Today, our own productions are

Covered by 100% renewable electricity certificates
Reducing CO2 emission levels
Optimizing the use of raw materials
Reducing waste generation

16 certifications document our own production

We believe in a transparent business conduct and we use independent third-party certifications to document our results.

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Renewable energy certificates (RECs)

For each kwH used in our production facility, we invest in RECs. We acknowledge that RECs are not the best way to bringing down CO₂ emission, but we see them as a supplement to our additional energy efficiency projects.