Hotel Housekeeping – Your Guide to Easy and Timesaving Cleaning and Housekeeping

Hotel management consists of many aspects, all of which must peak constantly in order to provide your guests with the best hotel experience. One aspect that is always important is cleaning and hygiene. Read on for tips on standardizing your cleaning and housekeeping.

Maintaining a clean and neat hotel is one of the most important aspects of preserving a good image that keeps guests coming back to your hotel and attracts new guests as well. Even so, ensuring a high standard in all hotel rooms, the lobby, and other common areas can be challenging and time-consuming.

If you wish to achieve greater consistency and save time in your cleaning, we recommend following a standardized process with methods for each area. Below, you will find a collection of step-by-step guides for cleaning different areas. 

Each guide is easily applicable to your and your employees' or colleagues' everyday work routines. You can apply the guides directly to your workflow, or you can use them as inspiration for creating your own guides.

Guide: A Spotless Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

Bathrooms are important to always keep clean in order to maintain a clean look for your guests – and at the same time, it is one of the most important places to be strict about your procedures in order to achieve a high cleaning and hygiene standard to avoid cross-contamination. 


Guide a spotless bathroom in 10 easy steps

Guide: Clean Floors in 5 Steps

Floors are particularly exposed to dirt from guests and employees, which makes floor washing a time-consuming task in almost every hotel. Our guide will help you towards making your floors perfectly clean through efficient procedures.

Guide get a clean floor in 5 steps

Guide: 8 Steps for Cleaning a Hotel Room

Approaching a hotel room when doing housekeeping services is not only a question of cleaning fast and efficiently. It is also a question of how to approach the room and act properly in order to contribute to making the hotel stay a good experience for your guests.


Guide 8 steps for cleaning the hotel room

Guide: 5 Steps to Perfectly Cleaned Hard Surfaces

Hotels consist of many hard surfaces, all of which are exposed to dust, dirt and fingerprints. Our guide gives you tips and tricks on ensuring high-quality cleaning using innovative and efficient procedures.


Housekeeping guide 5 steps to perfectly cleaned furniture and hard surfaces