Digitalized Continence Care

You can bring reliability and convenience back to continence care with ABENA Nova. With integrated sensor technology that monitors saturation, ABENA Nova reduces changes and manual checks, leaving more time for providing the highest level of care.

The solution for incontinence problems

What is ABENA Nova? 

The only difference between a regular incontinence product and ABENA Nova is the integrated sensors that are imprinted inside the incontinence product itself. The sensors continuously detect moisture in the product. Based on the level of saturation, as well as the placement of moisture inside the incontinence product, the sensors notify caregivers that it is time for a change through the WetSens Monitor app that caregivers have installed on their smart devices or smartphones. 

ABENA Nova consists of the following:

1. ABENA's Slip incontinence product

2. A personal clip

3. The WetSens Monitor app

All-in-one brief

ABENA Nova Form Premium

Maximum protection for highly demanding situations

Based on ABENA’s Abri-Form incontinence product, ABENA Nova Form Premium is a range of all-in-one briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence. The products feature the Top-dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity. Dermatologically tested and Nordic Swan Ecolabeled.

Shaped pads

ABENA Nova San Premium

Maximum comfort, protection, and discretion

Based on the ABENA SAN, ABENA Nova SAN Premium is a range of anatomically shaped pads for light to moderate incontinence. The products feature the Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity. Dermatologically tested and Nordic Swan Ecolabeled.

Personal Clip

The design is robust and allows for easy cleaning/disinfection

Every resident using the ABENA Nova solution has a designated personal clip attached to their incontinence product. The clip establishes the connection between the resident and the incontinence product.

The clip transmits information via Bluetooth and 4G network to the WetSens Monitor App.

WetSens Monitor App

The clip registers and gives notifications to the app

The clip is registered by scanning the clip on the mobile device. The resident is then registered in the WetSens system and linked with the personal clip.

Every time the clip is attached to an incontinence product, it registers and gives notifications to the app. This provides the caregiver with information about the resident, such as the size and type of product, how long the product has been on, and the current wetness level.

How ABENA Nova Works 

In the video below, you can watch our in-house nurse demonstrate how ABENA Nova works. From attaching the clip to registering changes in the app – ABENA Nova is easy to use, even for the most technology-frightened healthcare professionals.

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The best continence care

Because We Care 

The benefits of digital continence care.

The information collected about the individual resident is used for planning the best and most dignified continence care, e.g., ensuring better nights, fewer leakages, and good toileting routines for every resident.

Because we care, ABENA Nova is a secure solution for urinary incontinence. Before use, the resident or relatives always consent to the use of the product.

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