Running a hotel requires an overview — especially when purchasing the right supplies to keep the hotel running. With us, you will find everything you need within cleaning, packaging, table setting, and other hotel essentials.

Eco-labelled Cleaning products

Your Shortcut to Eco-labelled Cleaning

Choosing the right cleaning agent can be challenging. With our Puri-Line product series, you get a cleaning product that not only is effective but also carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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paper solutions

Hygiene Paper

Paper is an important product in the hotel industry. Our selection includes everything from classic white paper solutions - perfect for washrooms - to special paper, which offers excellent absorption capacity  - ideal for cleaning grease and liquids.
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Offer a healthy work environment

Did you know that 80% of employees with a skin disease have reduced strength in their hands. Being able to take good care of your hands is particularly important in order for them to be able to maintain a good working life and minimise the number of sick days.

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tableware & napkins

Set the Right Mood

Select classic, formal, or romantic tableware from our range to carefully set the right atmosphere for your restaurant. There are numerous options, and the styles can be combined in many ways. 
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Protect your hands with the right glove

We know hands and fingers are important tools for employees working in the food industry. They are highly exposed in many situations, and finding the right glove for each task is paramount. At ABENA, we are always ready to support you with the right solution for your needs and industry.

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Guide: A Spotless Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean in order to maintain a good image for your establishment. A bathroom can be a source of many different kinds of bacteria, which makes it extremely important to follow proper procedures and clean in a standardized and professional way. Below, you will find 10 easy steps for how to get a spotless bathroom.

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Guide: Clean Floors in 5 Steps

In every hospitality establishment, there is a large footfall daily. This requires high standards for cleaning and maintenance of the floors in order to keep a clean, hygienic and welcoming look.

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Guide: 8 steps for cleaning the hotel room

Cleaning a hotel room can be done in many different ways, according to the guidelines of the hotel and the personal preferences of the housekeeper. To ensure consistency and uniformity in the way the rooms of the hotel are cleaned, it is a good idea to use a detailed step-by-step guide, which you can use as basis for training and instructing new employees.

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With every certificate, we are obliged to follow strict regulations and requirements, which is your guarantee that the products are safe for both you and the environment.

Getting started with sustainability

We work hard to reduce our footprint so you can do the same. Let's have a dialogue about our product range, so we can find a match that reaches your goal.
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Succeed with sorting at the source

Consumers and legislators are increasingly demanding source separation and sustainability. There are great advantages in optimizing source separation, both environmental and financial.
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