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An eco-friendly cleaning solution protects you, your surroundings, and the environment from unnecessary exposure to toxic substances.

Cleaning is essential in keeping a high standard of hygiene level. However, regular detergents are often filled with toxic substances, which can have a negative effect on the well-being of humans and the environment. To avoid this, choosing eco-friendly cleaning products can be a great solution. By choosing ABENA’s cleaning series, Puri-Line, you say yes to a safe and effective solution in better preservation of the environment. 

Why choose to clean eco-friendly?

Choosing the right cleaning detergent can be a challenge. The big variety of products often makes it difficult to select the right product for a specific cleaning task. At the same time, correct dosing and application vary from product to product. Therefore, you risk using too much of your product and hereby expose yourself, your surroundings, and nature to an unnecessary overdose of chemicals. The consequences can be an impairment of your health and nature in general, such as water quality and wildlife. 

Cleaning is essential to ensure good health and the use of detergents provides us with the most efficient result. By choosing a product with an eco-friendly certificate, it is possible to avoid harmful substances. The certificate becomes your insurance for cleaning tools with the highest quality possible that at the same time minimizes the environmental impact.

Puri-Line – ABENA’s own range of Ecolabeled cleaning products

Puri-Line makes eco-friendly cleaning easy. With Puri-Line, you are guaranteed a top level cleaning solution - whether you choose cleaning detergents, mops, or cloths.  

Using appropriate and suitable cleaning tools is essential because it will save you both time and money.  Moreover, in the Puri-Line series you find products without color and perfume, which improves the indoor air quality, our common health, and the environment.  

At ABENA, we aim to develop, produce and supply cleaning products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. You will find Nordic Swan Ecolabeled products in many of our product areas, including Puri-Line; our own series of eco-friendly detergents and tools, which all have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – your certainty of quality and safety 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an environmental labeling system that contributes to sustainable consumption and production. It is one of the world's toughest and most recognized environmental certifications.

Puri-Line detergents – an eco-friendly solution for every purpose

Puri-Line detergents consist of a wide range of cleaning products for different cleaning purposes. 
In our series, you will find products for:  
  • Laundry
  • Dishwashing
  • Toilet and sanitary cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • All-round cleaning
Puri-Line is developed with easiness and functionality in mind. Dosage and application instructions and color coding to indicate the pH level are two important features that provide the best user experience. 

Dosage and application pictograms and color-coding for the pH level provide a quick and easy overview of where and how the product should be used. In addition, the color-coding on the cap of the detergent bottle makes it easy to recognize the different types of products and quickly find the most suitable solution for your cleaning task. 

All cleaning detergents in the Puri-Line series carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. To obtain this certification, several strict parameters have been tested and evaluated for each product. 

For detergents, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification requires that all surfactants within the product are easily degradable. In addition, the product must be among the most environmentally friendly on the market in both production, use, disposal, and recirculation. This means that all products have complied with a number of strict requirements. Here are some specified topics:  
  • Biodegradability, bioaccumulation, and toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Product quality and durability
  • Compliance with criteria for chemicals, including perfume and allergenic substances
  • The product contains information on correct dosing and use
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements regarding packaging and transport of goods

Mops and cloths – the newest members of the Puri-Line family

As our latest expansion of the Puri-Line assortment, we now introduce Nordic Swan ecolabeled mops and cloths. Both mops and cloths in the Puri-Line series come in various sizes and capacities. As with the detergents, both mops and cloths are color-coded, thus making it easy to keep the products apart from each other. This creates safety because it helps you avoid cross-contamination with bacteria - e.g. keeping textiles used in sanitary areas apart from textiles in kitchens. 

All products are based on microfiber, which results in a perfect cleaning due to microfibers’ high capability of absorption. The use of microfiber is a good eco-friendly cleaning solution because it reduces water usage, usage of detergents, and has a long life span.

What is microfiber? 

Mops and cloths in the Puri-Line series are made of ultra-fine microfibers and consists of polyester and polyamide. The microfibers are conjugated as fibers and cleaved into 16 threads. This makes the fibers thinner than one-hundredth of a human hair. When the small and thin microfiber threads are assembled into a cloth, this creates a large surface area with lots of cavities, in which dirt and grime can be collected and retained. The fibers open up and release the dirt when the cloths are washed at a minimum temperature of 67°C. 


With Puri-Line’s mops, you are guaranteed an easy and efficient cleaning experience. To make it easy for you to choose the most optimal mop for your floor type, you can follow our mop guide:

As with all products in the Puri-Line series, both mops and cloths carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification and are hereby among the most eco-friendly solutions on the market and of the highest quality. Here are some of the topics within the Nordic Swan ecolabel that covers strict requirements for cloths and mops:

  • The product provides a good, high-quality cleaning effect, is gentle on the substrate, and has excellent durability.
  • At least 80% of the fibers are either recycled or meet other specific requirements from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Stringent requirements for chemicals are met – including the fact that carcinogenic or allergenic substances must not be used for color.
  • The product contains information on correct use.
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements regarding packaging and transport of goods.

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