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Give your food a twist

01.05.2017 TowerPac from Abena is an innovation in plastic containers for anyone needing to store or transport food.

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Abena invests in Silicon Valley based MediSens Wireless to introduce the World’s first intelligent diaper for everyday use

02.03.2017 An intelligent diaper for everyday use, which alerts the care staff when the diaper needs changing, is now being introduced for the first time. It is Danish manufacturing company, Abena who is behind the World’s first intelligent diaper for everyday use in co-operation with Silicon Valley based MediSens Wireless.

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The Six Pillars of Our Production

02.09.2015 Six core principles govern our approach to a sustainable, high-quality manufacturing process.

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Because We Care!

01.09.2015 One of the world’s most high-tech productions of incontinence pads has been expanded.

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