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We source the world for you

15.12.2020 In ABENA, we have a global sourcing setup, and we focus on high-quality in all processes. We source products based on our customer’s needs and requests, creating a customized solution that fits you the best.

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SDU researchers and ABENA join forces to create face masks that neutralize and alert about the corona

17.11.2020 Nanoscientists from SDU and Abena, a production and trading company, want to create a face mask that not only neutralizes the coronavirus but also alerts the user when the face mask comes in contact with the virus.

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Environmentally friendly underpads made in the heart of Europe

21.09.2020 Hygienic and comfortable care with Abri-Soft

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ABENA joins forces with Danfoss to fight virus outbreak in China

17.02.2020 As a reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak, ABENA and Danfoss stand together to support the Chinese in fighting the epidemic.

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