Ethical Conduct

ABENA has made it possible to report any suspected unethical conduct, such as financial crime, serious breach of safety at work, physical violence, intimidating behavior or sexual harassment.

If you are an ABENA employee, business partner or in any way connected to ABENA , you are welcome to use the ABENA Whistleblower Hotline to report any suspicion of unethical conduct.

To ensure the professional handling of such reports we have partnered with GotEthics. When you fill out a report,  they will receive it via the Internet. Your report will then be forwarded to ABENA . It is up to you to decide who should receive the report: whether it should be sent to the chairman of ABENA Group, our CEO or the Internal Audit team. They will then approve and monitor all subsequent handling of your reported concern(s).

The information you provide will always be treated in strict confidence. We also accept anonymous referrals, which will be handled in the same way as all other communication.

All personal data will be handled in accordance with the applicable rules regarding the individual's integrity, and will only be used in connection with handling the reported matter.

You can feel secure whenever you contact the Ethics Hotline. A report made in good faith will never result in negative consequences for you or be met with reprisal. However, the Ethics Hotline must not be misused, and baseless reports that have been made to harm or discredit a colleague or a third party may lead to disciplinary sanctions or legal action.

We value your support and cooperation in helping ABENA grow as a company that takes ethical matters seriously – regardless of how you are connected to the organization.

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How to Use the Whistleblower Hotline

  • Your report will always be treated confidentially.
  • You can choose to be anonymous.
  • Concerns raised in good faith will never result in retaliation.
  • Irrespective of the report raised, all cases will be treated with professionalism.
  • We will always follow up on reports.
  • All communication will be handled through the system – so keep your case number and password in order to login.

Ethical guidelines

ABENA’s corporate culture is guided by our Ethical Guidelines. The guidelines help our employees understand what each individual can and should report. The purpose is to support the employee to make the right decision, although the right decision might not be an easy decision.