Privacy Policy

Abena respects the personal data of everybody, who visits our websites or in any other way shares personal data with Abena. Therefore, we want to inform you of how we process your personal data. We recommend that you read this Policy, so you become familiar with how Abena handles your personal data.








We will, however, always process your personal data in compliance with the Policy applicable at the time when we originally collected your information.


1. Policy for protection of personal data

The purpose of this Policy for protection of personal data is to inform you of how we process and use your personal data, when you visit our websites, write to us or purchase our products.


Abena strive to ensure that every single person, who has personal data being processed by Abena, can be certain that we will respect your privacy and that we take due care of your personal data.


Abena abides by all applicable national and EU legislation including EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which regulates how personal data is collected and processed concerning private individuals (“personal data").


2. Purpose

We collect and process your personal data (ie. name, address, phone number and email) so that we can offer you the necessary services and information. We will be processing your personal data with a view to answering questions or requests that you have made to us.

  • handling product orders send to us.
  • taking care to meet our obligations to you in connection with agreements you have made with us directly.
  • trying to anticipate and solve any issues in regard to products or services we are delivering to you, including expediting returned goods and handling any complaints.
  • developing products and services that will meet your needs.

In order to optimize the services we offer, we may want to process your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Out of our respect for you, we only process your personal data for direct marketing, if we have made you aware hereof and - if necessary - have asked for your prior consent.


Also, you are entitled to - at any given time - to contact us and ask us to stop processing your personal data for any of the above stated purposes. We will cease to process your personal data as soon as it is feasibly possible.


3. From where do we receive your personal data

We only process personal information that you have submitted to us voluntarily, when you register your profile. We do not collect information from third parties.


4. Who is processing your personal data

Abena A/S, Egelund 35, DK-6200 Aabenraa, CVR nr. 25682742, is data controller and responsible for processing your personal data.


5. Data Processors

Abena uses external partners as data processors to process and archive the personal data of our private customers. The most important one being:

Abena Data ApS, Egelund 2, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark.

Abena does not use servers or data processors, who are placed outside the EU/EEA. If we in the future do start using servers or data processors placed in countries outside the EU/EEA, such third parties will not process your personal data for other purposes than those instructed by Abena. Also, Abena will make sure that such third parties offer adequate and sufficient IT security to protect and safeguard your personal data.


6. Transfer

Abena does only transfer your personal data to third parties, for instance, to a partner or a distributor of our services to fulfil the purpose for which your personal data has originally been collected and processed. An example could be delivery of our products to your home address.

Such third parties will not process your personal data for any purposes other than the ones we have instructed them to use it for. Abena does require that such third parties put in place sufficient IT security measures to make your personal data as safe as possible.


7. Categories of personal data

In order for us to fulfil our customers’ orders and delivery of goods, Abena does process a number of personal data. Most personal data falls into the category of ordinary information, and some are considered to be ‘sensitive information’.

Non-sensitive information: Name, address, phone number, e-mail address and terms of payment.

Sensitive information is for example information about personal health, religion or political persuasion. Abena does not process health information or other sensitive information without having obtained an explicit consent from you as our customer or in accordance with a Data Processing Agreement entered into with a third party data controller.

Please do not enter or upload sensitive personal information. If Abena becomes aware of such sensitive personal data having been registered, Abena will delete such information, unless we have a sufficient purpose and basis for processing such information.


8. Categories of recipients of personal data

Your personal data will only be made accessible to relevant employees in Abena, who need this information to do their job.


9. Timeframe for erasing personal data

Abena archives and processes your personal data only for as long as it is required to fulfil the purpose for which your personal information was originally collected and stored.

Usually Abena archives your information for up to 5 years, unless Abena has a legal right to archive your information for longer or in the event that such information is part of a legal claim.


10. Your rights

You have as a data subject (a registered person) certain rights, which are described below:

Right of Access: You may, at any given time, request to gain access and be informed of which personal data Abena is processing; cf. EU’s GDPR.

Right to rectify, alter, restrict and erase personal data: If you become aware that Abena is processing wrongful or incorrect personal data about you, you can request that we alter, rectify, restrict, or erase such information.

Right to object and lodge a complaint: Any request from you to gain access or to ask for your personal data to be altered, rectified, restricted or erased as well as in cases where you do not agree with how Abena is processing your personal data, you can contact: Abena A/S Attn: Bevillingen, Egelund 35, 6200 Aabenraa -

If you still disagree with the processing after your case has been discussed with Abena, you can lodge a complaint with: Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28,5, 1300 København K.


11. Data Controller

Abena has chosen one or more persons to be data controllers in our global HQ (Aabenraa, Denmark) as well as in our subsidiaries, who are responsible for the data processing activities in Abena and for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


12. Subscription

When you subscribe to Abena’s Newsletter, we record the email address you use. You email address enables us to automatically send you our newsletter, and your data is processed through our own subsidiary, Abena Data ApS. (data processor).

A few Abena employees have access to our list of subscribers. This information helps Abena monitor the volume and nature of our subscriptions. The information regarding individual subscribers are not transferred to other parties and your email address is automatically erased when you terminate your subscription.

We use external partners for, among other things, technical operation and improvements of our digital services, customer service, subscription, sending out newsletter, safeguarding our legal interests, as well as targeted marketing, including retargeting, and for your assessment of our company and products. 

These companies are data processors and under our instruction and process data for which we are data responsible. The data processors may not use the information for any purpose other than fulfilling the agreement with us, and are subject to confidentiality about this. We have entered into written data processor agreements with all data processors that process personal data on our behalf. 


13. Cookies

Apart from the personal data you use in connection with your purchases, your subscription, and using other services, all Abena’s websites use cookies when you browse for information on our sites.

We do this to make our websites perform at their best to enhance your user experience, and on occasion we will place small data files, so-called cookies, on your computer.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which a website stores on your computer or mobile device, when you visit internet sites. This way the particular website can remember your activities and settings (such as login, language, font size and other settings for perfect viewing) for a certain period of time, so that you do not need to make new settings every time you access the particular site or moves from one site page to another.


How does Abena use cookies?

A number of our websites uses cookies to remember:

  • your settings for showing of contrasting colour or font size.
  • whether you have already seen a pop up box on cookies or already have accepted or not to use our cookies on our websites.

It is not, strictly speaking, necessary to accept cookies in order for our websites to perform well, but it will enhance your user experience. You can delete or block cookies, but be aware that the functionality of our websites will suffer.


Your personal data collected through our cookies are not used to identify you personally. Our cookies are not used for any other purposes than the ones detailed in this Policy.


How does Abena control cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies as you like - read more on You can delete all the cookies, which already exist on your computer/mobile device and set most browsers to prohibit cookies from being stored on your devices. If you chose to do this you may have to manually edit settings every time you visit one of our sites. Also, some services and functionalities may no longer work nor be available to you.