Philadelphia Zorg

The benefits of digital continence care within disability care facilities.

Unique results demonstrated 

One of our case studies brought us to Philadelphia Zorg in the Netherlands. 

They were curious to answer the question that is on many health professionals’ minds; How can we continue to provide 100% care with eighty percent of the current employees in the future? Not because we want to cut costs, but because the other twenty percent of employees will simply no longer be available.

Philadelphia Zorg believes that the solution lies in technology and they are known as pioneers in the field of healthcare innovation. Therefore, ABENA Nova was a perfect fit. 

ABENA Nova enabled Philadelphia Zorg to focus on the resident’s individual needs. An essential factor in the healthcare industry. 

Find out how Philadelphia Zorg in the Netherlands experienced ABENA Nova by watching the video below.

“Innovations like the intelligent diaper can improve the quality of life, sense of freedom and self-reliance of our clients.”

Ms. Greet Prins, Chairwoman of the board, Philadelphia Zorg

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