Dignified Disability Care

More independence. More time to meet individual needs.

ABENA Nova is suitable for people who live with physical or
mental disabilities and incontinence.

For people with disabilities

Improve your quality of life by using a Digital Continence Care Solution like ABENA Nova. As someone who has a disability, you experience enough limits in your life. Don't let incontinence be another limitation to battle. ABENA Nova lets you know once it is time for a change so you can live your life without worrying about incontinence and the inconveniences connected with it.  

Don't let incontinence stop you from being social

Incontinence often leads to social isolation because the patient is afraid of leaking when together with friends and family. Our studies show that you will be able to reduce leakages with up to 57 percent!  With the help of the innovative healthcare technology behind ABENA Nova you will discover fewer leakages, less skin irritation, and feel at ease when out and about with your friends and family.

With abena nova there are

No more manual checks

On the smart device, caregivers can see to what extent the incontinence product is saturated.

On this basis, they can decide if the resident needs changing right away or if it can wait. The smart device sends another notification if a leak is imminent. This helps avoid wet bed sheets or chairs.

With fewer leakages, caregivers have more time to give personal attention to each resident and meet their individual needs.

With abena nova there's

Less skin irritation

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) is common for people living with incontinence. It occurs when urine or feces comes in contact with the skin. 

A number of factors may contribute to the development of IAD, including infrequent changes of incontinence products causing a moist environment.

With ABENA Nova, the incontinence product is always changed at the right time.

Case: Philadelphia zorg

More time, fewer leaks

Case studies at institutions for people with disabilities have demonstrated the unique benefits of ABENA Nova. 

Most of the residents at Philadelphia Zorg in the Netherlands are severely incontinent. This means that continence care takes up both a lot of time and a lot of resources. 

Watch the video to learn more about their experience with ABENA Nova.

Read the case 

Digital continence care means

More focus on individual needs

With ABENA Nova, it is possible to monitor the saturation of urine very closely. Besides allowing for timely changes of incontinence products, the data provided by ABENA Nova, also allows caregivers to adapt the changing time to specific needs and events. For instance, this could be relevant when the resident plans to have visits from family or friends, or if the resident has skin irritations. ABENA Nova enables more focus on individual needs which is essential in making residents feel seen and heard.

The solution

Tested at nursing homes and specialty care institutions

Unique results have been demonstrated 

Thoroughly tested on more than 2 million incontinence products.