Dignified continence care

More dignified care. Improved health. A good night’s sleep.

ABENA Nova can improve quality of life for a loved one in your life
– Say hello to the care of tomorrow.

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For residents and relatives

As a relative and resident, you wish the best care possible. ABENA Nova can help you get exactly that. 

The best continence care

Because we care

The information collected about the individual resident is used for planning the best and dignified continence care, e.g. ensuring a good night’s sleep and good toileting routines for every resident.

Because we care, ABENA Nova is a secure solution, and before use, the resident or relatives always consent to the use of the product.

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The care of tomorrow is digital

During the last decade, the use of wearable sensors has become widespread, and digital products are now finding their way into the daily routines at care facilities. In several countries, nursing homes and specialty care institutions are already experimenting with using new, digital solutions, and more are ready to implement it in their facilities.

The results are notable and promising, proving that digitalizing continence care means personalizing overall care. In terms of improved comfort day and night, better overall health, and more time for care, digital continence care has an impact on quality of life for residents as well as caregivers.

The solution

abena nova with medisens

Personalising continence care

ABENA Nova with MediSens is one of the leading digital continence solutions. ABENA Nova consists of a premium quality incontinence product with integrated sensors that continuously monitor saturation levels. A small clip attached to the product sends the information to the caregivers via an app on their mobile device. In this way, the caregiver can see which residents need changing and take action accordingly.

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Tested at nursing homes and specialty care institutions

Unique results have been demonstrated 

Thoroughly tested on more than 1 million incontinence products.
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