The Digital Drinking Glass

Minimising Manual Monitoring


A new innovative solution to support people’s well-being and self-reliance

Since 1960 ABENA has been your Global Healthcare Partner. Our aim is to increase quality of life for the user while making the job of caregivers and healthcare professionals easier. The Digital Drinking Glass developed by AQUATIME fits into this vision. This digital solution makes your job as a caregiver easier since it eliminates manual monitoring of fluid intake.

Let's work together for a brighter future for all in healthcare.



Digital monitoring of fluid intake

  • Save time by minimizing manual monitoring tasks
  • Allocate more time for providing the best possible care
  • Improve data quality regarding fluid intake
  • User-friendly for staff as well as residents

AQUATIME Two-pager

The Digital Drinking Glass

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Digital Products for Better Care

Well-being for residents and caregivers

ABENA is all about innovation and increasing quality of life for people in healthcare. Hence The Digital Drinking Glass is not the only digital innovative solution we have to support people’s health, well-being and self-reliance. ABENA Nova is the Digital Continence Care Solution that lets you know when it is time for a change.

We aim to deliver products for caregivers to provide the best care possible, regardless where the care is needed - being at home or in a nursing home. This is exactly why we have developed ABENA Nova - the future of continence care!

Let’s work together for a brighter future for everyone in healthcare!


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Digital Products for Better Care

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